CertMax+ is a revolutionary software system for the complete management of lifting gear certification. Accessible via the internet, with wireless tagging of products on-site, customers can produce reports and certificates in real time.  The system takes the hassle out of managing inspection & certification of products.  It reduces costs, and ensures that safety is maintained.

safety enhancment

A unique RFID chip
Each device can be equipped with a unique RFID chip which, when scanned with
the PDA device identifies the equipment by providing all relevant information assigned to it
a specific piece of equipment

Scan with a PDA device
Easily read the chip attached to the product. Documents, such as detailed survey reports, safe delivery instructions or certificates, can be accessed through PDA devices.

Access to information via the Internet
The information is stored in a central database that is completely secure when real-time data is constantly displayed. Customers have access to their own 24/7 information when logging in using their user ID and password.

Easy control and certification
Lifting devices must be carefully managed so that they are always ready for services. This seemingly simple task can be surprisingly difficult. Lifting devices can be arranged in several places, and thus may require inspection at different times. If the certificates and reports are kept in a traditional form, they quickly accumulate, taking up valuable space and become difficult to control, especially if the history of products needs to be analyzed. Legal regulations in Poland put more and more emphasis in the field of crane equipment management. This has increased the workload to such an extent that many people in companies lose valuable time (and business owners money), trying to cope with the problem.
The CertMax+ rental, inspection and certification database is an indispensable element of the management and control of lifting equipment. CertMax+ can provide an easily accessible electronic register containing the history of storage, inspection and maintenance.


Improve your safety

  • Better information management leads to a safer work environment.
  • Traditional solutions are immune to human mistakes and slow response times.
  • CertMax+ has an electronic messaging service that allows product information to be instantly published.
  • Current inspection procedures can be viewed on-line.
  • Products that have been identified as defective are clearly marked with colors so that they cannot be used accidentally.
  • The early warning system informs in advance which products have to be inspected.

Make it easier to comply with legal provisions 

  • CertMax+ has been designed in a manner that fully complies with applicable laws and legal requirements.
  • The EC declaration of conformity may be stored in an electronic version. The printout is available at the touch of a button.
  • The complete inspection history of all devices is easy to find so that audits can be carried out in a simple and effective manner.
  • Risk assessments and fault reports can be made.

Save time and money

  • CertMax + is an efficient certificate management system that provides visible savings.
  • The information is stored in a relational database, allowing flexible reporting options from a single data entry procedure.
  • Analyzing the history of products is easier, which leads to better decision-making regarding future orders.
  • The inspection schedule for innumerable products in different locations can be more effectively planned.
  • Thanks to improved data management, the frequency of inspection schedules for certain items can be reduced and justified.

Eliminate the paperwork

  • CertMax + completely eliminates the need for paper systems.
  • The costs of data storage in this form are eliminated
  • Data can be entered directly to any device by inspectors and then downloaded to the system.
  • The system is available from anywhere.

Simple to use 

  • CertMax + has been developed in a Windows environment with well-known user-friendly functions.
  • Online help ensures that users are quickly familiarized with the software package.
  • The information is presented in a summary format, allowing users to go into details in a few simple steps.
  • Reports can be easily created and downloaded.