Magnetic-particles tests (MT tests) belonging to the group of non-destructive testing, which is carried out on ferromagnetic materials and is widely used in industry.

Magnetic-particles tests are suitable for testing castings, forgings, welded joints and wherever we want to verify the surface or what lies directly under it.

In the case of examination of lifting equipment, it is great for revealing microcracks in chain links, hooks, welds in traverses and beams, shackles and many more. Thanks to this test, faulty elements can be removed before they cause damage due to, for example, breaking during lifting operations.

The MT method can be used in good lighting conditions and in case of insufficient lighting, then we use additional UV lighting using contrast materials in this spectrum of light. We recommend this method not only as complementary to VT. In the case of crane hooks, it should be used as a method of equal choice. We also use specialized tools that help us to effectively examine, for example, chains.

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