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Shock absorbing twin lanyard with flexible leg´s for ease of use and increased safety.
Suitable for applications where double safety is needed, such as tower or ladder climbing.
Tri lock carabiner and scaffold hook.
Tested according to EN 354, EN 355 with test weight of 100 kg.
Hand washing: Up to 40°C.
Type: Double (V)

  • Marking: According to standard, Supplier symbol, product id, art no, serial no, production year, standards, max load, CE.
  • Temperature range: -35ºC to +45ºC.
  • Standard: EN 354 + EN 355
Pro Flex V
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Part Code Code Max rated load
Retracted/Extended length m
19.04PFPL0727-2 P0727 100 2x1,38/2x2,00