Red Rooster
General: RED ROOSTER Compact Hoist are suitable for "Material- Handling". The pendant control is direct on the lower hook so the operator can control and position the load easy anddirect. The perfect solution for horizontal movements is the combination with a push trolley.

- Optimum load control, very precise positioning
- One-hand control
- Variable speed control
- Soft start and stop, no shock movements
- Handle can be positioned for left-hand or righthand
- Endstop systemOptional features:
- Marine Specification/Corrosion resistant
- Paint systems from C2 - Industrial to C5 - Offshore specification (Red finish as standard. Other RAL colours available on request)
- Choice of pendants
- Radio control pendant for electro pneumatic controls
- Control systems
- Chain collectors (PVC, galvanised or stainless steel)
- Various types of hook or clevis available
- Air supply systems and valves
- Piped away exhaust air
- In house design for "specials"
- Festoon systems
- Main air shut off valve
- ATEX - According to EC Directive 94/9/EC (Ex Classification)
  • Features: - Pendant control direct on the lower hook
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Part Code WLL
Type Chain falls Lifting speed without load
Air consumption lifting (l/sec) Lifting speed with load
Lowering speed with load
Air consumption lowering (I/sec) Weight with 3m HOL
16.23TMM-140AE 0.154 TMM-140AE 1 15 8 11 15 11 9