Design: The original ferrule design, intended for galvanized or bright wire ropes.

  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 13411-3
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Part Code Code/dim
09.08PT02 T02
09.08PT03 T03
09.08PT04 T04
09.08PT05 T05
09.08PT06 T06
09.08PT07 T07
09.08PT08 T08
09.08PT09 T09
09.08PT10 T10
09.08PT11 T11
09.08PT12 T12
09.08PT13 T13
09.08PT14 T14
09.08PT16 T15
09.08PT18 T18
09.08PT20 T20
09.08PT22 T22
09.08PT24 T24
09.08PT26 T26
09.08PT28 T28
09.08PT30 T30
09.08PT32 T32
09.08PT34 T34
09.08PT36 T36
09.08PT38 T38
09.08PT40 T40
09.08PT42 T42
09.08PT44 T44
09.08PT46 T46
09.08PT50 T50
09.08PT54 T54
09.08PT58 U58
09.08PT62 U62
Other dimmensions on request.