Service inspections of lifting and handling equipment

We carry out continuous service inspections of lifting and hoisting equipment. We carry out regular inspections of lifting equipment in accordance with regulations. The equipment must be inspected visually or by means of non-destructive tests. Also fall protection equipment must be regularly inspected. CERTEX Polska conducts inspections of personal protective equipment and systems against falling in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.

Our inspection work includes:

  • Various load tests: cranes, lifting beams, frames and winches.
  • Breaking load test - up to 100 tonnes
  • Certification tests
  • NDT tests

We monitor your lifting and fall protection equipment!

As an employer and owner of lifting equipment, you need to comply with current norms, standards and legislation to keep your workplace safe. We help you meet these requirements by providing ongoing surveillance of your lifting equipment and fall protection equipment. We usually carry out tests on site, but you can also choose to send your equipment to one of our service centres.

If you order a service review from us, CertMax+ is included in the price. This online service gives you access to history, documentation and planned actions for each product.

Your benefits:

  • Experience
  • Customised solutions
  • High security
  • CertMax+

Book an inspection at your company!

Send us a request for a service inspection of your lifting equipment, fall protection equipment or crane and we will contact you as soon as possible. In your message we encourage you to suggest a date for your visit, if possible we will book this date for you!