CERTEX Polska offers mandatory inspections and maintenance of your lifting and handling equipment. Our team of specialised employees with the right competences, application knowledge and skills is your basis for the solution of your next project.

By entrusting us to carry out an inspection, service or detailed test to our employees, you can be sure that their work culture, skills and experience guarantee that your property remains in the best hands at that time!

Certex is a brand that provides a sure promise, a brand promise, that each and every one of the employees involved in the servicing or testing, and this includes NDT testing, has the relevant competencies confirmed by:


The NDT inspector must have a valid certificate. We strongly discourage cooperation with companies that offer NDT tests performed by employees who are not certified for this purpose! It may lead to non-recognition of the validity of such tests and it is dangerous and may result in damage to health or, in the worst case, loss of life if the person doing the test does not have proper knowledge and unwittingly makes a mistake.

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