Quality products!


Brand Values

Added value features
Important features have been developed and provided thanks to our extensive customer and market knowledge built over decades.

Cost efficient
Cost efficient high quality products, intended for use in standard environments.

Trusted Brand
All products in the POWERTEX & ROPETEX range lives up to the same values, expectations and quality standard.

High availability and short lead times for all POWERTEX & ROPETEX products thanks to our local presence, logistic network and our European Distribution Center.

The products meet legal requirements in Directives including CE-marking, relevant requirements in product standards and are provided with relevant technical documentation.

Service minded
Full access to support and service including milt-lamguage user manuals available online, local presence offering technical advice, training, spare parts, and maintenance/repair.

Safe and Reliable
The product design, specifications, productions methods and testing ensure that the products are reliable and safe to operate.

Sustainable and quality
All POWERTEX & ROPETEX production centers and suppliers are audited and monitored by Sustainability and Quality audits to ensure sustainable production, safe products and reliable deliveries.