Discover the Power of Our Reliability

In the construction, processing, offshore, logistics and many other sectors, safety and efficiency are key elements of success. Our company, Powertex, is here to provide you with reliable solutions to achieve these goals.

Why choose Our Company?

Powertex is a global leader in lifting technology, wire rope, load securing, fall protection and related services. Our long-standing market presence and extensive knowledge is the foundation of our operations.


Sling Components

  • The products are part of the Powertex range of Class 10 lifting chain sling components
  • have a 25% higher lifting capacity than traditional Class 8 components
  • each component is tested in the factory and subjected to a fatigue test of up to 20,000 cycles at 1.5 times WLL

Chain slings

  • Unique class 10 chain sling system
  • Always made from the best quality components for safe lifting.
  • For convenient storage and transport the slings are supplied in reusable packaging

Hoists, brackets and trolleys

  • Products marked with a QR code for access to the multilingual operating manual at any time
  • Equipped with RFID for quick registration and maintenance


  • All POWERTEX shackles are manufactured and tested in accordance with EN 13889.
  • RFID (chip) equipped shackle for easy service, inspection and control of equipment

Jacks and magnets

  • Safe - each lift is tested with a test load of 1.25 x WLL and inspected before delivery from the factory
  • QR code for on-site access to multilingual operating instructions
  • High-quality, strong permanent magnets - neodymium magnets

Cargo securing

  • The blue information label is protected by an additional layer of clear plastic for longer life.
  • The products include STF and fastening capacity information labels for different types of fixings.
  • Each part is marked with a unique serial number for secure equipment registration.

Textile slings

  • All POWERTEX belt slings are made from high-strength industrial polyester and tested in accordance with EN 1492.
  • The print on the blue label is protected by an additional transparent plastic layer for longer life.
  • Slings should be shielded, protected from sharp edges and friction and abrasion from both the load being carried and the lifting device.

Accessories for working at height

  • The harnesses are very comfortable and offer more options than standard harnesses.
  • There are also harnesses made of OEKO-TEX® approved fibre, which means the material is free of hazardous chemicals and made from recycled materials.
  • The maximum load capacity of 140 kg allows for a higher user weight than standard harnesses.