We provide services such as servicing, inspections and training. These are set up for you or your employees to improve your lifting knowledge, essential servicing and to extend the life of your products - to increase safety in your workplace.

Among the services offered is our engineering department, which tailors products to your specific lifting needs. 

We also offer technical liftijeng support.

In addition, we can offer you to test your equipment on a testing machine and rent our equipment, currently in our renting offer you can find:

Lashing chains
Heavy duty trolleys
and much more...
We are the market leader in the technical lifting assortment. In our tools you can find the CerteMax+ system for managing rigging certification.

This word appears many times on our website and this is no coincidence. Lifting huge loads is a challenge, but even the smallest weights can be a threat to health and life. For this reason, standard setters and, in most European countries, law makers have made it compulsory to constantly monitor the condition of the tools used by workers. Almost without exception, this obligation applies to all categories of lifting equipment.

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NDT Certex Polska

We execute non-destructive testing based on the VT (visual testing) and MT (magnetic particle testing) method. The records of inspectors are always reflected in the form of protocols. We encourage you to take advantage of the benefits of the CertMax+ programme

All our inspectors are competent, experienced and certified to Level 2 (according to EN ISO 9712).