Lashing system 5T ERGO 50mm STF 500 daN

  • Not for lifting

Lashing system LC 2500 daN Ergo has an ergonomically designed tensioner where the longer handle has reversed tension to create a natural movement, which also results in 30% higher tensioning force compared to conventional lashings. By using Ergo the number of top-over lashings (friction lashings) can be reduced when securing the goods. Ergo is a price worthy lashing commonly used by transport companies and suitable for all kinds of cargo carriers. Ergo lashings has a higher lashing capacity (LC) than regular Standard lashing. All components are tested and of very high quality to ensure a long durability and high safety. The strap is made of a high strength polyester webbing, which makes the lashing very flexible and durable. - Standard Tension Force (STF) for Ergo is 500 daN at SHF 50 Hand Force.

  • Material: Poliester & Steel
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 12195-2
  • Note: Label in lashing system ERGO is sewn into webbing to secure it. Standard lenght of short part is 0,5m.


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