For transport of concrete elements the ring clutch, relevant for each load group and which is fitting into the concrete recess, is being used. The ring clutch is used for lifting and transport of the transport anchor system TPA (Transport Anchors TPA-S, TPA-Z, TPA-SA, TPA-SE, Sandwich Panel Anchor TPA-ST, Plate Anchor TPA-P or Flat Foot Anchor TPA-F). Load of the ring clutch can be made from all directions.
The ring clutch consists of a bracket and a coupling head. The bracket is movable in all directions. The head of the coupling incorporates with a locking bolt which is attached to the anchor.
Standard: CEN 15728 / BV-BS 6205.

  • Material: Special steel.
  • Marking: Load group + Starcon, batch code, CE.
  • Temperature range: 200°C.
  • Finish: Black or electro galvanized - yellow.
Ring clutch
Ringskobling - STREG tegning
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Part Code Load tons L
11.44TPA-R1-26.0 26 530 40 88 169
99.1560009012N 1,25
99.1560009025N 2,5 264 12 59 70
99.1560009050N 5 333 17 66 85
99.1560009100N 10 425 25 84,5 110