Shackle Crosby G-2160E Wide Body

  • The product is equipped with RFID chip

All 2160E shackles are individually proof tested and magnetic particle

Proof tested as follows:

  • 7-75 metric tons and 200-300 metric tons: 2 x WLL.
  • 125 metric tons: 1.6 x WLL.

All ratings are in metric tons, embossed on side of bow.
Can be used to connect HIGH STRENGTH Synthetic Web Slings, HIGH
STRENGTH Synthetic Round Slings or Wire Rope Slings.
Increase in shackle bow radius provides minimum 58% gain in sling bearing
surface and eliminates need for a thimble.
Increases usable sling strength minimum of 15% and greatly improves life of
wire rope slings.
RFID Equipped.

  • Material: Forged alloy steel - quenched and tempered.
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Temperature range: -40°C up to +204°C
  • Finish: Bows are furnished Dimetcoted, and pins are Dimetcoted, then painted red.
  • Standard: EN 13889


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