Quick Lift Double Swivel Ring QL DSR

The QLR is a double swivel ring that allows particularly fast anchoring. At the push of a button, it can be fixed in the threaded hole in a matter of seconds. Its double swivel ensures a perfect alignment with the sling.

The QL.DSR saves up to 80 % of time compared to screwing in a conventional lifting ring. The system works purely mechanically and thus requires no complex maintenance.

The swivel lifting ring QL.DSR is made of gradup steel, which stands for a better quality of the used raw materials. It has higher lifting capacities than fixed rings and has a safety factor of 5, which means that its breaking load is five times greater than the capacity indicated in the technical data sheet.

Compliant to directive machine 2006/42/CE

  • Znakowanie: zgodnie z normą, oznaczenie CE
  • standard: EN 1677-1
    Except grade and safety factor
  • Współczynnik bezpieczeństwa: 5:1

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